Foods For Animals

Trees support the lives of many large organisms. Trees are used for food, shelter, and sites for reproduction. Many animals also use trees for resting, nesting and for places from which to hunt or capture prey.

The major characteristics of a tree that benefits wildlife is size. A good tree for wildlife must be a big tree. Small, decaying trees may support wildlife, but only small animals for a short time. The large healthy tree that has a few wounds, and a few cavities will have long term benefits for many small and large organisms. Some large animals can only use large trees for shelter. The point here is that even when we talk about wildlife and cavities we still must talk about healthy trees. A healthy long-lived tree will be a better wildlife tree.

As forests are cut repeatedly, the number of large, old, healthy trees decreases. The best way to force an organism into extinction is not to attack the organism but to attack its niche; the place where it lives and reproduces. To try to protect an organism on one side, and to destroy its niche on the other side is a folly we see done worldwide. This is why so many animals are becoming extinct, or have entered the list of endangered species.

FFLPF’s “Foods for Animals” program improves lives of wild animals by providing fruit trees for shade, shelter, enrichment, and healthy diets. When the trees mature, animals are able to enjoy delicious fruits and foraging opportunities. During times of extreme heat or precipitation, animals can seek shade and shelter under the trees without being away from their food source. Fruit trees allow for the most natural diet available to animals, plucked fresh off the tree with no chemicals or pesticides.


Food For Life guarantees no less than 25-50 planted trees each year throughout the world. FFLPF’s "Orchards for Animals" program plants 25-50 fruit trees randomly around the world. The trees will provide essential nutrition, shade, enrichment, and foraging opportunities for wild or rescued animals.



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