Fruit Tree Relief

FFLPF’s “Fruit Tree Relief” program involves strategically planting fruit trees in areas where the harvest will most benefit hungry, poor, and needy people—such as homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, children’s homes, low-income communities, and international hunger relief sites—and distributing fruit trees directly to needy families to have as a source of nutrition in their backyards for decades to follow. As a result of our orchard donations, life-saving sustenance is provided and local volunteers, many of whom are in difficult situations themselves, are empowered to take action for their environment. “Fruit Tree Relief” also involves making donations of fresh produce, either from trees we’ve planted or of the same variety grown in our plantings, to various food relief organizations.

Please see the following description for two examples of this program area. We will post a comprehensive list of our all projects as we roll them out.

The FFLPF brings together those that want to donate with those that need the donations and everyone benefits. If you have a recommended location or community that desperately needs hunger relief then please send us an email with all of your information and a brief description of the circumstances. IF you are wanting to be a donor please email us or make a donation on any of our PayPal links and you can tell us specifically which programs you’d like it to go to.

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