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My name is Randi Shannon, and this foundation is the result of a need I’ve felt for many years. We have a monumental hunger problem around the world, it’s all over the news every day. I believe it’s our duty to make a difference in this world. Charitable giving often now seems an afterthought that takes place at the end of one’s life. I think it should be one of our first thoughts: one that guides us throughout our lives.

Some years ago, I felt a nagging feeling that I wasn’t achieving everything that I wanted out of my life. It became clear that while I was successful in my personal and business life, I was underachieving in my commitment to society. Like most Americans, I believe we have a responsibility to make a lifelong commitment to the improvement of the world through volunteering and/or financial donations. Yet, with the time constraints of modern life, long hours at work and parenting; volunteering for extended periods of time didn’t seem possible. I came away from that self-assessment resolved to make more consistent and meaningful commitments to my favorite charities.

What started as a personal desire to improve my own charitable giving has become a bold experiment in social change. Please join us in making a lifelong commitment to improving our world through your support.

Please join our cause; help us plant a few trees this year.


Randi Shannon
President & Co-Founder
Food For Life Planting Foundation



The Food For Life Planting Foundation’s president, Randi Shannon, is the author of the best-selling book www.NewAgeOfBeauty.com.


Randi Shannon has devoted over 20 years to the study of nutrition, longevity and stress-related health issues. She is considered one of the most recognized authorities on natural health, anti-aging, beauty nutrition, herbalism, and organic superfoods. She has studied cultures and what happens when their society doesn’t make it a priority to plant foods the people can survive from.


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